Chewsday Review- Organic Carrot Stix

Today’s Chewsday Review was submitted by a teacher, who wanted to know if these lunch box snacks were any good. Introducing Organix Carrot Stix. They sound healthy, but are they really? 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Corn (68%), sunflower oil (13%), carrot powder (12%), potato powder (6%), onion powder (less than 1%), dried coriander leaf (less than 1%), thiamin…

Nut Free Cherry Parfait

Nut free breakfast options are hard to come by. This nut free cherry parfait solves that problem, so there is no longer any need for food envy! November marks the start of cherry season, so a trip to regional Victoria to pick some, fresh from the farm was in order. With a group of dietitians…

Preventing Christmas weight gain

The diet hacks you need to prevent Christmas weight gain. Chances are if you have spent the last few weeks indulging with plenty of Christmas cheer the clothes are starting to feel a little tight. The issue with gaining a couple of extra kilos at Christmas is that research suggests we rarely lose it which…


Eating your way to longer telomeres

Smoking bomb by Steve Snodgrass. CC BY 2.0 Telomeres are the protective cap at the end of DNA which protects our chromosomes. The length of telomeres shortens with age which raises the intriguing possibility that telomere length forms a key part of the ageing process. Now scientists are looking into how much diet can influence…


Meal planning: a loving act of self care

So you’ve decided to give intuitive eating a go but you have some questions. Totally normal. Intuitive eating is a process and a lot of people (myself included!) go through ups and downs with IE and that is perfectly normal. Some meals are going to be eaten rushed, standing up, maybe even missed. Some are…

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