Provini, Canberra City – a first look

Provini is new to the COCU Group that includes other Canberra Restaurants like Little Brooklyn, The Public Bar, Shorty’s and Edgars. Filling the vacancy left by La Scala in Garema Place, it similarly specialises in Italian Food. For a larger group, there is a private room available… …and on offer is a $50 per person menu…


La Cantina, Narrabundah – excellent food!

Narrabundah is overflowing with good restaurants – XO, D’Browes and…La Cantina. On a Friday night it’s busy with couples and groups. The pastas are popular – the review favourites are the Duck Ravioli and Gnocchi. It’s easy to see why La Cantina attracts so many fans. The setting is stylish but cozy, lighting is relaxed and warm and the hosts…


How to snack mindfully

Have you ever wondered how mindful eating and snack foods actually go together? Isn’t mindful eating about eating whatever we want and when we want? If we want to eat lots of snack foods won’t that end up making us unhealthy? So let’s explore it a little more… Just a couple of weeks ago I…

Flourless banana & ricotta pancakes. 

How great are pancakes? Better than great, I know.  The thing with pancakes (and epic cafe pancakes filling our instagram feeds) is they can often be super sweet, depending on the toppings, and leave us feeling sluggish. When we take a look at what goes into pancakes it is generally refined white flour, eggs, milk…


Daana, Curtin – newly opened this week!

Daana, has a new home!  This week Sanjay and Sunita celebrated their re-opening in their new Curtin home, previously occupied by Silver Fox and Delissio. There’s a wonderful new menu full of regional specialties. New dishes like Street Chaat – Dahi Vada $12 (a dish served cold)… …and a lovely traditional Kerala dessert Kei Paysam of…

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