Quick Chickpea and Coconut Curry

I love chickpeas… They are my preferred legume when making curry Why? Well first, the spherical shape looks great, but I also think their buttery-starchy texture and slightly nutty flavour is perfectly suited This is the ideal quick and easy curry recipe for those of you who get home from work exhausted and don’t get excited at the prospect…

You Are Not Alone – A free ebook from Mindfoodly

By now you’ve probably heard of Mindfoodly, a husband and wife team on a mission to end eating disorders. What you might not know is that they’ve recently released an eBook – You Are Not Alone. The book is a compilation of personal stories told by people who have experienced eating disorders, giving valuable insight into…


travel journal: Rome (the arrival)

 When we got off a plane after more than 24 hours in transit, we were already a little disorientated. Throw a new city, a foreign public transport system, different currency and different language into the mix and the fun begins. But Rome was cheerful and welcoming, and we found strangers at bus stops eager to…


What bugs me …………..not cauliflower?

Bugs can really bug me, when they are eating my carefully planted cauliflower and boy choy seedlings literally to death! I am trying to do some home grown veg and at night these sneaky caterpillars come out for a feast! How to stop them eating seedlings without spraying I have just learnt from an older client…

The only diet tips you need

It may surprise you to hear that it is planning, not knowledge that is the key to dietary success. Most of us know what to eat – we know that fruits and vegetables are good, and we know we need to move more. We know that chocolate is high in calories, and we know that…

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