The magical drink they call Kombucha

From Matcha to Kefir, Kombucha is the latest celebrity fad on the market, however, is the drink as nutrient dense as the claims say? Kombucha is a fermented drink that originated in China in 250 BC, at this time it was known as the remedy for immortality; the drink later emerged in Western Society in…


Product Review: Barilla Gluten Free Pasta

Whether you’re Coeliac, gluten intolerant, avoiding wheat, or simply find regular pasta to sit a little too heavy in your stomach, there’s never really been a like-for-like gluten free alternative to pasta. That is, until now… WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS OF BARILLA’S GLUTEN FREE PASTA? It’s pretty simple really. Corn flour, rice flour, mono and…


Is it time to give your diet a Spring Clean?

Spring has sprung! YipeeeeeIs it time to give your diet a little spring clean? Rather than a complete overhaul, just go more veg! Yes, it can be that simple. 92% of us don’t eat enough vegetables according to the Australian Dietary 2014 survey, so that’s most of us!   What better time than spring when…


Spring in to Spring!

Is anyone else as excited as me that tomorrow is Spring!? Many of us spring clean our bedroom or our house.. but don’t you think it’s just as important to also spring clean our lifestyle? Here’s my run down on how to do this. 1. START BY “HEALTHIFYING” YOUR FRIDGE: Fill your fridge with plenty of…

Leading the Diabetes Management Conversation

Last week, I spent the week at Gold Coast attending the Roche Educators Day and Australian Diabetes Society & Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADS-ADEA) Annual Scientific Meeting. Among all the sessions I attended, one stood out and stuck with me. Martha Funnell gave a powerful lecture on supporting effective diabetes self-management from the clinic to…


What Are Tiger Nuts? (Hint: They’re Not Nuts!)

Tiger nuts. Sounds interesting, right? Turns out they’re technically called “Cyperus esculentus tubers”, are not actually nuts at all, and are one of the most ancient food sources known to humanity! Tiger nuts are also called chufa (in Spanish), earth nut, yellow nut sedge, groundnut, rush nut, and edible galingale. They were a staple source…

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