Articles by Catherine Saxelby

Catherine Saxelby is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, best-selling author and freelance writer who helps busy women eat right, lose weight and boost their energy. On the Foodwatch blog, I cover the big issues in healthy eating from coconut to gluten-free and review new products to make shopping easier and better for you. I try out those trendy diets eg Raw, No Sugar, Paleo and find their best redeeming quality and make a guess at whether they’ll stay or not.

Women and alcohol – what’s the problem?

Traditionally men were the big drinkers and they suffered all the social and health consequences associated with regular, over-indulgence. Now, as more women are more economically independent; in high flyer and management roles; and it’s more acceptable for women to go out drinking with their mates – when it was only acceptable for men years…

Product Review: Simply Soups

There’s lot to love about soup. When it’s cold outside it warms you up and once made, it’s quick to reheat in a mug when you’re hungry or in a hurry. What’s more it gets you closer towards those five serves of vegetables you’re meant to eat each day. Best of all, there’s good research…

Kefir – the latest fermenting favourite

Fermented foods are all the go at the moment. They’ve been around for centuries but only recently have they been recognised for their health-giving and health-promoting qualities. The latest, following on from sauerkraut, kimchee and kombucha is kefir. So what is it and should you be drinking it?

Product review: Kanzi Apples

Apples are apples, aren’t they? Well no. Some are sweeter, some have more crunch, some cook well, some are better for eating, some are large, while others are small, which is handy for the kids’ lunchboxes. So how do the new Kanzi apples stack up? Are they as good as they say? Here we go…

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