Articles by Fiona Sutherland

I am all about making authentic & healthful connections with food :) Rather than focussing on the science of nutrition, I'm a specialist in Mindful Eating and eating behaviour - the WHY and HOW we eat, rather than just the WHAT. I love to write about the issues affecting everyday people, particularly those who have a disconnected relationship with food and their body. My aim is to help break the cycle of food fear for the next generation. Warning: sometimes I get a bit "ranty" when something really bothers me but I'm really passionate about supporting people to relate to food with courage and authenticity, without fear. At Body Positive Australia, we aim to provide innovative opportunities for Dietitians and the general public to learn more about how we can all be part of the solution to our food-fear culture. We offer annual Professional Yoga Retreats for Dietitians & Body Positive Retreats for the public. I am a specialist in Eating Disorders (RIPE Group Therapy), Sports Nutrition (Australian Ballet, Racing Victoria Apprentice Jockeys) and teaching (Deakin Dietetics). Please join me to be part of the solution and help people take care of themselves through good nutrition, eating with more ease and peace.

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