Articles by Glenda Bishop

Glenda Bishop is a Registered Nutritionist, wellness coach, neuroscientist and educator, who enjoys a happy and fulfilling life despite living with multiple food intolerances. She uses her insider experience of irritable bowel syndrome and food intolerances, alongside her expertise in nutrition, health and medical science, to develop easy to use strategies that help fellow suffers rediscover the joys of delicious food. With her down-to-earth and no-fuss attitude, Glenda skips all the gimmicks and focusses on simple approaches to remove the irritation of food intolerances from daily life.

IBS Stories you may have missed {May 2017}

May has been a huge month at A Less Irritable Life, including me travelling up to Sydney with FODMAP Friendly to teach about the low FODMAP diet, and I’ve got loads of IBS Stories to share with you. There’s articles, recipes and quite a few personal accounts of how IBS affects me (including one about…

7 key low FODMAP swaps you should know

When it comes to following a low FODMAP diet, one of the most important things you need to know is how to swap high FODMAP foods for low FODMAP alternatives, particularly those that can provide similar flavours and/or textures to your cooking. So whether you’re new to a low FODMAP diet, are up to the…

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