Articles by Melanie McGrice

Melanie McGrice is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian with over 15 years experience in media and public speaking. Awarded the 'excellence in dietetics' award in 2012 for her leadership in weight management, and having practised at Eastern Health for over 10 years, Melanie has worked with some of the most challenging weight management cases. She is passionate about educating Australians to eat well, appreciate good food and maintain a healthy lifestyle, so that they can feel great and get the most out of life. Melanie's blogs provide nutrition advice, suggestions for increasing your physical activity, strategies for dealing with emotional eating, lessons from experts and my professional opinion on a range of dietary issues.

Obesity: genetic or environmental?

It’s a question that may divide many – ‘Is obesity a result of genetic or environmental factors?’ Here are my thoughts I shared with SBS Food on the topic.  There’s more to your weight than what you eat and how much you exercise. “They just need to exercise more and eat less!”  We’ve all heard…

Are your portion sizes in check?

It’s hardly surprising that our understanding of how much we should be eating has become foggy in the past couple of decades. Packaged foods and restaurant and café meals are bigger than they’ve ever been before; feeding our notion that more on the plate represents value for money. Currently 65% of Australians are overweight or…

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