Could good old fashioned table manners be the key to mindful eating?  

Recently it occurred to me that there may be a connection between modern day mindfulness and having table manners drummed into me as a kid every time we sat at the dinner table.  I don’t know about you, but each mealtime I heard: “No sweety, we will not be watching (insert favourite tv show here) while we eat dinner. “Sweety, you just sat down – why are you in such a hurry? Please slow down and chew your food. “Sweety, you’re still chewing. Please don’t talk with your mouth full. “Sweety, please take your elbows off the table and sit up straight so your food can digest.” I had this from all angles – my parents, grandparents … anyone who was older and wiser it seemed. At the time, all these mealtime rules seemed unnecessary and a big waste of time, because obviously as a freckly-faced 12-year-old I had a busy social life with places to be and people to see. Looking back with a little more wisdom up my sleeve, it seems that they might have been on to something. Was the point of learning table manners to provide the foundations for mindful eating? Perhaps. This led me to wanting to …

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