You want to make healthy snack choices more often but don’t? 3 tips to turn that around.

We all want to choose  nutritious snacks more often but sometimes it is easier said than done when those chocolate bars are staring you at the supermarket check out. Let’s see what we can do about it to help.

​1. Surround yourself with nutritious appealing food choices . A wrinkly apple or an orange needing to be peeled in the lunchbox are not going to win over your favourite chocolate biscuit. Buy in season, quality fruit if you want to eat more of it.

Fresh crisp apples, cut up oranges, bite sized fruit like grapes, cherries or strawberries grab your attention, are easier to eat and are therefore more appealing. Maybe these will be chosen first now!
2. Shop accordingly. Have a punnet of berries, fresh nuts, crackers and cheese, yoghurt, eggs ready to go. Put these on the shopping list. Buy less of the foods you want to eat less of.  Fill the basket with the most nutritious foods and add small amounts of the others.
3.  Change the environment. It is not about banning foods, or dieting. It is about making the healthy choice the easy and desired choice most of the time. 

Have the foods you would like to eat more of:

  • at the front of the fridge 
  • at the front of the cupboard
  • on the bench

One of my clients found it difficult to break the habit of eating chocolates sold for charity that sat on her reception desk, at work everyday for morning tea. The piece of fruit she brought simply wasn’t as appealing as the ‘forbidden’ chocolates. She managed to turn this around by telling herself the chocolates weren’t ‘forbidden’ and  she brought in a variety of fruit to work so she had a choice. It was no longer one fruit versus chocolate. The chocolate was less thought about and eaten occasionally without guilt. She also focused on how she felt after eating the fruit; lighter, less sluggish and refreshed. She liked that feeling.
I don’t believe you do have to give up any foods, just surround yourself with nutritious food choices that you enjoy.  Having healthy choices that you like will reduce the feeling of being restricted. All foods are okay, it’s the quantity and frequency that affects your health.
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Simone has a proven track record of success as an Accredited Sports Dietitian. She has experienced 3 premiership years at Hawthorn AFL Football Club, 2 World Cups and an Ashes with The Australian Cricket Team and 2 premierships with Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club. ​ She has also been the dietitian to Melbourne City A-League Football Club for 4 years, the inaugural season with the Melbourne Rebels Rugby Union Club and had 6 years at the Western Bulldogs AFL club back in 1995. Simone works in private practice with any individual wanting to improve their own nutrition, super sporty or not. For many yeas Simone has been a dietitian at Swisse Wellness spreading the H & H (health and happiness) word, assisting with product development and education. Simone has given many presentations on diet and nutrition over the years motivating and educating at work places, conferences, courses and as a guest speaker at events. Her media work ​as a spokesperson for Dietitians Association of Australia has seen her provide special comments on Channel 7, 9 and ABC news, Current Affair and in many print and online newspapers and magazines such as Men's Health, Maree Claire, Woolworths Fresh, Nine MSN, The Age, Herald Sun and The Sydney Morning Herald. She has featured in television commercials and has been involved with the television show The Recruit and on Huey's Kitchen with chef Iain Hewitson. Simone's wealth of knowledge and experiences together with passion for food and health place her in a perfect position to share her thoughts and tips to help make having a healthy diet easier.

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