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Storehouse blog directory is an initiative of Emma Stirling APD and Scoop Nutrition, proudly supported by Nuts for Life and Bite Communications.  We have a crystal clear vision and the strongest of values.

Our Vision

To bring together, and showcase in one location, Australian qualified nutrition bloggers to raise their profile, create a collaborative community and improve access to quality nutrition information for anyone online.

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Our Values

Quality – Ensuring our bloggers are qualified with tertiary level nutrition qualifications and established credentials.

Storehouse is open to anyone who is:

Members of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) are bound by DAA’s Code of Professional Conduct and Nutrition Society Registered Nutritionists are bound by the Code of Ethics. Students are highly recommended to have an APD mentor to ensure blogs contain evidence-based information and scientifically sound advice and all student members will be clearly identified in the directory.  Read more in the frequently asked questions.

InformationAggregating evidence based nutrition information, written by qualified professionals, in the one handy place online.

Education – Providing a nutrition education experience through access to search tools of nutrition blogs and blog post hot topics.

Advocacy – Promoting nutrition, health and wellbeing for all and dispelling myths in line with the latest evidence based science.

Affiliation. Collaboration – Providing a platform to a community of qualified nutrition bloggers and giving student dietitians support to grow our collective voice.

If you’re a qualified nutrition professional, we know you’re going to want to join our community of bloggers at Storehouse.

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