Are the food industry responsible for the obesity epidemic?

Obesity is a big problem for Australia. These days’ two out of three adults and one quarter of kids are overweight or obese, and these numbers just continue to rise. So who is responsible for this obesity epidemic? Some argue that it’s the individual to blame for their poor choices. Some say that it’s our increasingly inactive lifestyles. Other say that the issue is a change in our gut microbiome. But there is a growing consensus from health professionals that our food environment, that’s the physical and social factors that influence what we eat, play a big role in this weighty problem. The food industry that make and produce the food that we eat, and the supermarkets that supply it directly to us. So should they be held responsible for for their customers food choices? The Supermarkets Supermarkets are big business. A $102 billion business to be precise. In Australia, 90 per cent of all groceries are bought in supermarkets. With such high sale numbers they exercise control over the a huge part of our food system. They choose which suppliers will provide your food. They choose which products will be available to you and when. They choose where you …

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