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You know what I love? When friends serve spaghetti bolognese at a dinner party. It’s such an unexpected, cool move, like, “Welcome to our home, to our table and our real life!” It’s Tuesday night meal on a Saturday, with fancy plates and the good wine glasses. Though I should say, the sauce my friends serve is…


MAKE JAM – Karen Kingham

I love the abundance of summer seasonal fruit, particularly stone fruit. And Mother Nature has been particularly generous this year as the peaches have been absolutely divine. Because they’ve been so abundant, and as a result well priced, I thought it was time I revisited Peach and Passionfruit Jam; a beautiful creation, the origins of which…


Don’t go bacon my heart! – Elaine Bo

If you want to send the internet into meltdown, then all you need to do is put the two words BACON and CANCER together. No doubt in the last few days you would have opened up Facebook, Twitter, the newspaper and turned on the news to discover headlines about the link between high consumption of…

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