Expressions of Interests – Director of The Nutrition Press

The Nutrition Press is a student-led organisation that has provided more than sixty students with opportunities to expand their experience in nutrition over the past three years. We are looking for a new student director to take charge of The Nutrition Press in 2018. Do you have what it takes? Please note at this stage, this is a VOLUNTEER position. All members of The Nutrition Press team are volunteers. We do this because we love nutrition and want to make the internet a better (and more evidence-based) place!   Are you interested in leadership, management and innovation? If your answer was yes, then this is the role for you! We are looking for an individual who is passionate about nutrition and is committed to the communication of evidence-based nutrition principles. The ideal candidate will have an interest in leadership and the management of students, and will be able to commit their time to the development of The Nutrition Press. As director of The Nutrition Press, you would be responsible for: Overseeing all activity at The Nutrition Press including  recruitment, editorial, communications and sponsorship Managing The Nutrition Press’ team of 25 student-contributors and hiring new team members Coming up with innovative ideas to help The Nutrition Press grow and develop moving …

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The Nutrition press aims to provide a valuable resource which students both produce and use to enhance their studies in the nutrition and dietetics fields. We innovatively connect like-minded students together to ignite a passionate nutrition community that is more informed, engaged and aware of the range of opportunities that a career in nutrition has to offer! The Nutrition Press provides students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the nutrition field, through voluntary contributions via the website, social media, networking events and various other mediums. Here at The Nutrition Press, we are proud of our students and want to provide everyone with a change to get involved. Contributors include: - Rachel Ben-David - Anthony Khoo - Patricia McGreal - Alexandra Archard - Amelia Berner - Caitlin Jamieson - Emily Cockram - Matisse Chambers - Raenie Zwierlein - Roxanne Tan - Shana Watson - Teigan Duketis

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