Do you sometimes feel like you are walking a lonely road blogging about food, health and nutrition?  Well, those days are over.  Finally there’s a place for Australian qualified nutrition bloggers to form a collaborative community, Storehouse.

What is Storehouse?

Storehouse is a community of like minded Australian DAA members, Accredited Practising Dietitians, Accredited Sports Dietitians, Registered Nutritionists and student dietitians who enjoy blogging as a means of sharing credible evidence based nutrition information. It’s a searchable platform to bring these blogs together in one easy location to help people cut through nutrition confusion online or find out about your blog via the directory.


How do I join?

Those wishing to join Storehouse must first meet these blogger criteria. Upon completing the sign up form your blog will approved by our admin team and will then join the feed. You will receive email instructions on how to add the Storehouse badge to your blog and they are also displayed below.  Storehouse reserves the right to exclude blogs that do not meet the selection criteria or remove blogs that violate our standards.  Read the full terms and conditions of Membership here.


How is the quality of the blogs assessed?

The Storehouse team will not approve your individual blog content.  Rather it is expected that since bloggers must be members of the Dietitians Association of Australia, Sports Dietitians Australia or Nutrition Society of Australia they are captured by the relevant Codes of Professional Conduct and Ethics and will act accordingly when participating in this Directory. The Storehouse team will audit a random selection of blogs each year to ensure they meet the conditions of membership and our values and standards. Members will be provided with feedback. Storehouse reserves the right to exclude blogs that do not meet the selection criteria or remove blogs that violate our standards.  Read the full terms and conditions of Membership here.


Are there any membership fees?

No at this stage there are no membership fees to be a part of Storehouse.


Who sponsors Storehouse?

The cost of development of the site, project planning, creative collaboration and exhaustive work is via a partnership between Scoop Nutrition, Nuts for Life and Bite Communications.  All partners have put in time and effort to grow an exclusive platform just for you.  Read more about our supporters here.


Why are student dietitians allowed to be members?

The Storehouse team feels very strongly that student dietitians should be allowed to join and share in the directory. It is strongly recommended that student dietitian bloggers seek out a mentor who is an Accredited Practising Dietitian to assist them. Student Dietitian blogs will be clearly marked with a student member Storehouse badge.


How frequently should I update my membership?

Your Storehouse membership is self managed and we ask you to review your membership page annually to ensure all is up to date. If you are no longer blogging we ask that you delete your membership. We will send out an annual reminder email to prompt you.  You can access your directory listing at anytime to make updates or outline your achievements!


How frequently should I blog ?

That’s up to you!  But we appreciate that life can get in the way of blogging at times.  The Storehouse team requests that you maintain a current blog and post at least monthly to ensure the information you provide is up to date and you remain in the  Storehouse directory RSS feed.


How do I display the Storehouse badge on my blog?

– Cut and paste following code into your html or widget.

<center><a href=""><img src="" width="100" height="100"></a></center>

Student – Cut and paste following code into your html or widget.

<center><a href=""><img src="" width="100" height="100"></a></center>


How does the search function work?

Member bloggers need to be aware that the search function will search the title and first four lines of your blog. So to help Storehouse make the best use of your information and help the general public find what they need, please ensure there are strong keywords in your blog titles and introduction that sum up your blog post. For example if your post is about an aspect of diabetes make sure the word “diabetes” is in the title and/or your introduction.


How do I enter the Storehouse Best Nutrition Blog and Best Food-tographer awards?

Nuts for Life is proud to sponsor two awards: Storehouse: Best Nutrition Blog and Best Food-tographer. More details to come but Directory members will be invited to submit up to three of their best posts that showcase writing and content and three of their best posts that showcase food photography and styling.  Award applications will be assessed by a panel of three Storehouse bloggers, who have not entered the awards, plus a representative of Scoop Nutrition and Nuts for Life. Full details will be made available in the Members only Resource section soon and when the competition is live each year, voting will be open to your readers, friends, family and fans on the Competitions page.


What is the Nutrition Blog Network?

The Nutrition Blog Network is based in the USA and was the very first directory of blogs written by registered dietitians.  Janet Helm RD of Nutrition Unplugged is the founder of the Nutrition Blog Network and a true pioneer for the dietetics profession in the digital space.  We acknowledge Janet’s amazing work and providing us inspiration for Storehouse directory of Australian nutrition professional bloggers.  We highly encourage all Members who are APDs to jump over and also join and support the Nutrition Blog Network.


How can I give feedback, get technical help or ask a question?

The contact form can be used at anytime to ask a question, provide feedback or suggestions.  We are committed to get back to you as soon as possible, but please appreciate we are run by volunteers. The Storehouse team also asks Members to keep a watching eye on the directory, site, content and social media.  We encourage you to use the feedback form to report anything that appears not quite right.  We will also be sending you an exclusive Members only quarterly enews and breaking news updates.

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