How to eat with Diabetes during Ramadan (Infographic)

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A guide to meal times, hydration and blood glucose testing during Ramandan

With so many of my patients asking me about how to eat during Ramadan, I made this infographic.

If you have diabetes and are fasting during this time, it’s important that you speak to your Doctor, Diabetes Educator, and Dietitian.

Regular glucose testing over the day should be done,as pictured. You may experience high or low blood glucose levels during the day, at night and after meals. If you are on medications for your diabetes, these may need to be reviewed by your health care team.

It is important to maintain adequate nutrition and hydration, and you may need a dietitian review to assist with this.

The meal before sunrise should be the largest meal, and include enough water, some complex carbohydrate for energy (grain bread, rolled oats, rice, bread) and a source of protein.

After sunset, you can break the fast with some water and 2-3 dates, and some soup which will provide a quick energy burst. Your evening meal to follow should include a balanced meal as pictured. The plate pictured has 1/4 carbohydrates, 1/4 protein and 1/2 fresh or cooked salad or vegetables.

After the main meal, again test blood glucose levels.

For an evening snack, you can include more water, with some fruit, some milk, yoghurt or a sandwich.

Again, make sure you discuss fasting with your healthcare team.





Cam Johnson is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and nutritionist with a successful nutrition consulting practice, and a senior diabetes dietitian at Monash Health. Cam's experience includes Northern Health (Senior Diabetes Dietitian), Austin Health, BakerIDI, and specialist medical and weight management services. His career has focused on the nutritional management of diabetes and obesity, including bariatric surgery. Cam has conducted numerous conference and professional development seminars and workshops to health professionals, medical staff and students. He has worked as a health coach and research assistant and been involved in research.

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