Keeping hydrated this Summer

This is a sponsored post. While we give plenty of attention to what we are or are not eating, we often don’t take time to consider what we are drinking, or more specifically, are we drinking enough? As the temperatures rise to give way to another scorching Australian summer, it is a good reminder to […]

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Susie Burrell is one of Australia’s leading dietitians with degrees in both nutrition and psychology. She is the resident nutritionist at Channel 7’s Sunrise, has a weekly radio segment on the 2GB Afternoon Program with Chris Smith and is regularly seen in print media commenting on all areas of weight loss and nutrition. She has written 3 books previously written “Losing the last 5kg” and has a nutrition practice in Sydney. When she is not writing or blogging, Susie spends her time thinking about eyelashes, Hawaii or her beloved Burmese cat Charlie. For more information see –

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