Product Snapshot: Veggie Chips

Read on - here I take a look at these cute mini-pots of fresh growing herbs for your kitchen. Are they worth buying? Are they easy to look after?

We’re always being told to eat more vegetables, so veggie chips like lentil crisps or sweet potato chips seem like the answer to all of our problems – right? But are these snacks really healthier than the average potato chip? Or is it all just another marketing ploy? After all, potatoes and corn are vegetables! Here I’ve looked at three popular veggie chips you would find for sale at your local supermarket in the health food aisle, and compared them with regular potato chips. 

Catherine Saxelby is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, best-selling author and freelance writer who helps busy women eat right, lose weight and boost their energy. On the Foodwatch blog, I cover the big issues in healthy eating from coconut to gluten-free and review new products to make shopping easier and better for you. I try out those trendy diets eg Raw, No Sugar, Paleo and find their best redeeming quality and make a guess at whether they’ll stay or not.

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